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Directory of Goods and Services

As new businesses sign up they will automatically be listed above.

Welcome to the Purple Pages, the FEC directory of goods and services offered by our members and trading partners. As a newly established organisation, we may not have many entries at the moment but we expect these pages to become quite substantial over time. Currently, the listing of G&S is by region and then by the product or service. If you live outside these regions, have just become a member, and have G&S to offer, then be the first entry in your region! To insert your listing, the details are in our membership and trade partner application forms. As our listings increase over time, we anticipate that there will be a search function similar to the other directory called the Yellow Pages.

If you come here as a buyer/consumer, then please buy preferentially from your fellow FEC members and support your community and the NFPs of your choice. Please remember your membership/partner number when you purchase from FEC members - otherwise the transaction tax can't be processed.

* What does the Star Rating mean?
When members and partners sign up as traders and sellers with the FEC, they commit themselves to pay the lowest tax rate of 3% on all sales made to fellow FEC members. They become ‘3 star partners/members’. However, people may volunteer to pay a higher tax rate. A person who signs on to be a 4 star member is telling the FEC community that they are willing to pay a tax rate of 4%; a 5 star member pays 5% etcetera. The advantage of paying a higher tax rate is that it raises one’s credibility with fellow members and may result in more sales.